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Womens Top Havaianas- This sandal can become a fixture for all your warm weather outfits. The Womens Top Havaiana is a must have, because the classic look will help cool you off even on the hottest days. These sandals will stay fashionable, even while other clothes come in and out of the fashion limelight. With unmatched comfort, these sandals are perfect for listening to the water crash down at Wallaman Falls. And with unrivaled style, these shoes would fit in even around the Sydney Opera House. The wide array of colors to choose from, lets you find that perfect accent for a current outfit or a color that will match all your outfits. With the rubber sole that is ever soft yet firm, you will get both comfort and support in your pair of thongs. The blister-free strap is truly otherworldly for this price, and it will ensure your everlasting comfort. These Top Havaianas are just that. Top of the line. For once, treating yourself doesn’t break the bank. Get your pair today.