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Mens Traditional Havaianas- Newer is not always better. Don’t get something that will look silly in a few years. With sandals, it’s better to stick with a classic than to get caught up in ill-deserved hype. These sandals are truly old school. The traditional Havaianas are ever in fashion. It looked great ten years ago, it looks hip today and it will still look fashionable in ten years. The 1.5 cm deep rubber is gives both the comfort and support you need in a jandal. With the blister-free, your shoe will always comfortably cling to your feet. It will look flashy near the water of the Byron Bay, and will fit in perfectly in Cairns, Australia. If you enjoy the simpler pleasures in life, this is the sandal for you. These thongs are the classic touch needed for a Hawaiian shirt, or a simple compliment to a pair of great surf shorts. Get one for a gift, and get one for yourself. No matter who, these shoes will make feet happy.

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