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Baby- Australians are born with a great sense of style. Your baby is no different. So don’t offend your baby. Get the sandals that anyone with a sense of style would want. Make your baby the most stylish in all of Australia. The baby would thank you if he/she could, when you pick up a pair of these. Put these on your baby, and who knows maybe his/her first steps will be into his/her cool pair of thongs. We offer baby sized Havaianas, Reef, Cobian, Crocs, Teva and DVS. Everyone will want to play with your baby, even if they are suppose to be taking in the sights in Melbourne. These are the best shoes for any baby. Give these as a gift to an expectant mother, or treat your own baby to a gift. With adult counterparts, you can get a matching pair. It’s not our fault if the baby looks cuter in them.
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